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Faucet and Disposer Installation with Under Sink Piping Modification

The photos below show how a modification of drain piping under the kitchen sink cabinet can result in a cleaner piping installation and more available space for under sink storage.

  1. The home owner had no preference for which side of the sink the disposer was mounted, on so we mounted it on the right side of the sink to get it closer to the drain piping coming out of the kitchen wall.
  2. We then eliminated a P-Trap (U-shaped pipe assemble) and tied the drains for both sides of the sink together with a baffled Tee.
  3. We also positioned the Tee and P-Trap in the center of the cabinet behind the wood slat between the doors.
  4. This frees up the whole left side of the cabinet for under sink storage.
  5. The customer also requested a new sink strainer basket for the left side that had more style and better functionality than the strainer basket she previously had.

Kitchen sink with low quality disposer, two chrome p-traps, and no documentation.

Sink with Two P-Traps

This photo shows the original installation with a lower quality disposer and two chrome P-Traps. The problems with this installation are as follows:

  1. There are two P-Traps, this reduces under sink storage and two P-Traps doubles the likelyhood for clogs and leaks.
  2. The P-traps are chrome. Chrome piping will corrode and leak.
  3. There is no documentation under the sink. If there is ever a problem, the home owner has no ready documentation as to who installed the disposer and piping and when.
  4. The disposer, an Insinkerator Badger 5 model, does not have a full stainless steel grinding chamber. This leads to rust in the grinding chamber, poor waste grinding, unsanitary rusty surfaces within the sink area, and a short disposer life due to rust compromising the seal between the grinding chamber and the electric motor.

Kitchen sink with piping modification and new disposer.

Kitchen Sink Piping Modification

This photo shows the following changes.

  1. There is now only one P-Trap, this leaves more space for under sink storage, and there are fewer pipes to leak.
  2. The pvc piping that replaced the chrome piping is impervious to corrosion. They will literally last as long the lifetime of the home.
  3. There is now documentation of the work under the sink. Your Sinks-N-Sumps plumber will record the date of installation and our company information on the product and installation manuals that come with the products we install. The information is stored securely at the site the work was performed along with our highly visible card showing our toll free number 866-580-2600.

Another photo to show our streamlined quality installation and how much more space was freed up under the sink.

Kitchen Sink Piping Modification 02

This photo shows another view of the under sink piping and disposal installation. Here you can see how the P-Trap is nestled behind the center cabinet post, thus freeing up the entire left side of the cabinet for storage. Here you can also see the Insinkerator Evolution model disposer. This model has a full stainless steel grinding chamber. This model will not rust on the inside. Therefore it will be more sanitary and last longer.

Sink with new faucet, disposer and strainer basket.

Sink with New Faucet Disposer and Strainer Basket

This photo show the sink from the top view. We’ve installed a new faucet, a new disposer on the right, and a new strainer basket on the left.

Your Sinks-N-Sumps plumber will do a top-quality job and leave his work neat and clean upon completion.

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